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How to Style 1920s Flapper Hair

Along with the iconic makeup, flapper hair was very distinctive. Here are a couple of tutorials to help you put the finishing touches to your flapper costume, no matter what length your hair may be!

Flapper Hairstyle for Long Hair

Flappers were famous for their bobbed hairstyles, but you can cheat your way to a cool 1920s look without sacrificing your long locks! This style will take a little bit of patience, and make sure to heed the tip at the 7:35-minute mark: don’t let the hair go as you create a pin curl. Hang on for dear life: it will save you a lot of frustration! This adorable tutorial was made in the style of a silent movie, with cheesy piano music, title cards and all. It’ll really get you in the 1920s mood!

Easy Faux Finger Waves

Finger waves are an instantly recognisable flapper hairstyle, but they can be tricky to perfect. This tutorial will show you how to mimic the effect of finger waves without all the fuss. At the 4:24-minute marker, she recommends that you give your hair a blast of hairspray before you remove the clips. This will make sure the style really sets before you run out the door to dance the charleston till the early hours!

Get Your Flapper On