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80's Costumes

The 1980s was a decade marked by excess; everything was about taking things to new heights, from high notes sung by wailing metal bands the height of one's hair. The decade was defined by its music icons - and don't forget the great movies. Madonna, Michael Jackson and hair metal bands like Poison and Bon Jovi played a crucial part in turning their style into the must have wardrobe of the time and the crazy costumes we sell today. Our 80's Halloween costumes are a blast from the past. Our eighties clothes and fashion feature spandex animal prints, Madonna costumes feature leggings, lace tutus, mesh gloves and loads of raw sex appeal. For men, Billy Ray Cyrus made us fall in Achy Breaky love with the hillbilly mullet like our Men's Dirty Blond Mississippi Mud Flap wig. And let us not forget about Michael Jackson - from the Thriller to Billy Jean, anyone who is looking for 80s mens costumes outfits can find them below.

Those who weren't lovers of pop or rock in the Nineteen-eighties were followers of new wave or rap. Just one look at our spiked hair wigs should bring back fond memories for Billy Idol fans while the mens video superstar costume will make it feel like Hamma'time all over again.

If you want a great kid's costume, then this decade is a perfect choice. You can buy inexpensive 80s costumes that will make your kids look just like you did way back when. For adults, reliving the crazy days of your youth is easy. You don't need to dig through the basement for that old trunk of outfits when you can find the perfect 1980s themed Halloween costume right here at Costume SuperCenter.

Search our wide range of 80's Halloween costumes and really rock at your next Halloween party!

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