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Family Guy Costumes

Family Guy Costumes

The country's most irreverent, dysfunctional and politically incorrect family also makes the most humorous Halloween costumes. Family Guy not only pushes but often crosses the boundaries of censorship and continually gets away with it. One of the characters who get away with the most would be Brian. That's why we are featuring Brian the Dog Family Guy Costumes. When a character continually makes you think, "oh, that is just wrong" then you know you've got a very funny character and a sure fire best selling Halloween costume.

Brian is the Griffin's family dog. He is an intellectual, martini drinking, alcoholic mutt who has a way with the ladies. He is most often side by side with Stewie the youngest Griffin who is a maniacal baby genius with homosexual tendencies.

Peter and Lois Griffin are the dysfunctional husband and wife who share their home with their loyal companion, Brian. Brian is Peter's best friend to the end. Even when Cleveland, Joe and Quagmire are on the outs with Peter, Brian is there which says a lot because it is not so easy to be loyal to a slob like Peter. It's also hard to be best friends with a man when you are secretly in love with his wife.

Together with the kids, Chris and Meg Griffin, the entire family lives together and makes the best of life on Spooner street in the town of Quahog, Rhode Island. Brian is a favorite Family Guy character so his costumes are here to stay. There is a men's Family Guy Brian Costume that includes a full mask and a martini glass as well as sexy women's outfit that features a white mini dress with boot covers, a head piece, a tail and a martini glass. The dress has a decal that says, "Hey Bartender, whose leg do I have to hump to get a Martini around here?"

The show began over ten years but Family Guy Halloween costumes are on the cutting edge - so be the first to get one!