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Peter Pan Halloween Costumes

Peter Pan Costumes

Peter Pan is the boy who never grew up. He lives in Neverland and has adventures with the Lost Boys. Even though he was a boy, Peter Pan outfits are sometimes made for girls, boys and women. This could be, in part, because in all Broadway and stage productions he is played by a woman. Regardless, all Peter Pan costumes are generally the same whether they are for males or females, featuring a green tunic and a pointed hat with a feather.

If you want a men's Peter Pan costume your best bet might be to opt for an elaborate Captain Hook outfit. Captain Hook is his archenemy, and has a hook for a hand because it was cut off by "The Pan" and fed to a crocodile. The crocodile found Captain Hook so tasty that he followed him everywhere in hopes of another taste of the evil pirate.

Of course the most famous Peter Pan costume of all might be Tinkerbell. She's the sassy little sprite who never strayed far from Peter Pan. Tinkerbell looks are available for infant, toddler, girls, teens, women and sexy categories. They range from simple to light-up; licensed and non-licensed.

Creating a group look with these three Peter Pan characters is easy. Simply decide who will be who and purchase the appropriate size and accessories. Everything can be done in one, easy visit to our website. Accessories for your costume can range from boots to green tights. For Tinkerbell, you may want to add a wand whereas you would want a sword for Captain Hook.