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Popeye Costumes

Popeye Costumes

Popeye the sailor man is the nautical muscle man with a sweet spot for his gal, Olive Oyl and his little baby Swee'Pea. Always willing to help a damsel in distress, he guzzles down a can of spinach, flexes his muscles and gives big bad Bluto a punch right in the kisser. Popeye costumes consistently rate among the best selling for Halloween year after year. The timelessness of this character appeals to men and boys alike.

Popeye costumes are fun to wear and look great. They feature Popeye's oversized, muscular forearms with the anchor tattoos and his blue sailor suit. They also come with the sailor hat. If you want to add extra authenticity to your costume you can purchase the corn cob pipe, separately. He and Olive Oyl are the fun choice for couples, available in both regular and plus sizes. If you've got an infant at home you can add the baby Swee'Pea bunting and dress up in Popeye as a family. You can even turn a friend into a rival when he wears our roughneck sailor Bluto . Popeye, Olive Oyl and Swee'Pea are officially licensed costumes

Get into the essence of the character with a corn cob pipe, a can of spinach and his one-eyed smirk. You can also practice his giddy laugh. A Popeye costume is one of those smart choices because it pleases everyone. The kids love it and the adults remember it fondly.

When you get fully into character you'll bring your Popeye costume to life and have a memorable experience.

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