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Superman Costumes

"Faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superman." Those were the famous words spoken by the announcer of the old black and white TV show as the handsome actor in the Superman costume flew past the screen. That show was on generations ago but the love of The Man of Steel has been passed down from generations of fathers to sons making the popularity of this superhero as strong as his powers. Boys and men have worn Superman's signature uniform for Halloween since it was first created.

Youngsters in boys/ Superman costumes can be found running around their yards long after Halloween is over with their red cape flapping in the breeze, making it feel as though they are flying. They'll pretend that they rescue the family dog from the evil Lex Luther and that the leftover glow-sticks are deadly kryptonite. The styles found here for kids are meant to be worn for play all year round in addition to trick-or-treating.

Grown-ups can show off their muscles in men's Man of Steel costumes and if they're not the most fit guy on the planet, have no fear. They can still be a strong and sexy superhero with the aid of a muscle padded version. They come in every size and budget from infant buntings all the way up to the professional theatrical quality collectible suit. We even have a style for dogs.

As far as superheroes go, he is by far the most recognizable. The "S" logo emblazoned across his chest is not only synonymous with him but it is a universal symbol of empowerment. Likewise, his weakness - kryptonite - has become an expression that people use when explaining their own shortcomings. You don't necessary need to dress as the Man of Steel to feel his power but it sure helps when you look the part.

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