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Angel & Devil Costume Accessories & Makeup

Throughout the year, both children and adults find an excuse to be on their best (or worst) behavior. If you are one of those people, then perhaps you have even thought of dressing the part. With the right accessories and a little makeup, you can release your inner angel or devil in style. Unlike many other costumes, angels and devils accessories almost exclusively make the costume. Whether or not they're wearing their white robes, no angel is complete without their halo. Angels also rely upon their wings to travel between clouds, so you may wish to try on a pair for yourself. Furthermore, depending upon the type of angel you are, you might wield a sword or musical instrument.

Devils are no different in their reliance upon accessories, and the horns are a dead giveaway, even when you're wearing Prada. A pair of dragon or bat wings make for a great addition, allowing you to hover close enough to whisper into your victim's ear. You might also wish to let your pointy tail hang out, which is a wonderful touch. Of course, no devil would be complete without their trusty pitchfork, used to poke and prod your prey. But even after these major details, there are some finer touches to add an even better effect. A blonde or silver wig paired with golden makeup really helps to give you that heavenly glow. Conversely, a devil's jet black hair and red face make it clear where he's been. Angelic eyebrows or a wicked goatee will add the final touches.

Everybody has good and bad days - some more devilish than others. Whether you're an adult or child, dressing the part is half the fun. Luckily, angel & devil accessories and makeup isn't difficult. All you need are a few simple accessories and makeup.