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Accessories & Makeup

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Animal & Cat Costume Accessories & Makeup

Thank goodness for all of these animal accessories. You've just put together your costume for Halloween and you are very pleased with the results. Trying on your costume, looking in the mirror you think the Cheshire cat has never looked so good. The boots, the tail, the cat hood, it all couldn't be better, all you need to do next is put a little character make up to finish off your costume. It would not have been possible without all of these amazing animal accessories.

  • Bunny Ears (each)
    Bunny Ears (each)
    Our Price: $3.99
    Reg: $5.99
  • Pointy Elf Ears
    Pointy Elf Ears
    Reg: $3.99
  • Faux Leather Black Cat Ears
    Faux Leather Black Cat Ears
    Reg: $7.99
  • Deluxe Plush Bunny Rabbit Ears
    Deluxe Plush Bunny Rabbit Ears
    Reg: $4.99
  • Black Cat Whiskers
    Black Cat Whiskers
    Reg: $1.99
  • Cat Whiskers
    Cat Whiskers
    Reg: $1.99
  • Disney Cheshire Cat Ears and Tail
    Disney Cheshire Cat Ears and Tail
    Reg: $14.99
  • Long Black Feather Eyelashes
    Long Black Feather Eyelashes
    Reg: $4.99
  • Cheshire Cat Belt with Tail
    Cheshire Cat Belt with Tail
    Reg: $48.99
  • Cheshire Cat Hood
    Cheshire Cat Hood
    Reg: $49.49
  • Tuxedo Bow Tie Black
    Tuxedo Bow Tie Black
    Reg: $4.99
  • Bunny Rabbit Tail
    Bunny Rabbit Tail
    Reg: $1.99
  • Stitch Kitty Ears Headband
    Stitch Kitty Ears Headband
    Reg: $6.99
  • Cheshire Cat Legwarmers
    Cheshire Cat Legwarmers
    Reg: $49.49
  • Batgirl Mask with Corset Lace Up Back
    Batgirl Mask with Corset Lace Up Back
    Reg: $10.99
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Whether you are an adult shopping for your own costume of you are looking for the perfect animal accessories for your child we have many varieties that range from masks and ear headbands to makeup kits and every style from cats to dragons! There are pig snouts, bunny ears, whiskers,furry legwarmers, claw gloves and tails. Some sold in separate pieces and others in accessory kits.

Using animal accessories enables you to make your outfit special. Perhaps you don't like some of the accessories that came with your costume. You can add more pizzazz with some of these fun add-ons. If you want a better looking set of ears or a pop of glitter to your cat mask, you'll find it here. The most fun you can have putting your ensemble together is the process of finding the perfect accessories (which includes character makeup).

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