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Corset Costume Accessories

The beginning of the 20th century marks the end of corsets' tenure as everyday undergarments. Nowadays, corsets are only used under evening gowns, as lingerie or as part of a Halloween outfit. These garments can easily be incorporated into a nifty costume that takes you back into the nineteenth century. Since they have been a part of women's fashion for centuries, they can be used to create costumes based on characters from past eras. Not only is can you create a great outfit for Halloween but also for theme parties.

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For example, you could place a flowing white shirt under a black corset and combine it will a long skirt and tall, black boots to become a pirate. Now, pair that with an eye patch and a stuffed parrot and you're all set. Or perhaps a saloon girl is more up your alley. You can get the look by combining a burlesque style Bustier with a petticoat, stockings, a garter belt and perhaps even a flirty feather headband and you're done.

Animals, insects and other creatures always do well during Halloween and especially at theme parties. Why not become a colorful butterfly with a colorful sequin corset? If you don't want to show too much skin you can easily combine this little treasure with a black legging and call it a day. Or how about a bunny? Everyone likes a cute, sexy bunny after all. A Playboy style Bunny Bustier will surely attract some eyeballs. We wish we could tell you more about all of the offerings but we would much rather have you browse the following pages and see for yourself.

If you look at all the available options it will be easy to come up with a few ideas to create a brilliant costume for any party!

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