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Accessories & Makeup

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Police & Convicts Costume Accessories & Makeup

Reach for the sheriff's star and kick off life's ball and chain with our cop accessories, cause now you're in charge! Or maybe you don't care for the air-of-authority aura? In that case, try going cool convict. You'll be the TNT when you pair up our convict costume with our dynamite convict accessories>!There are so many exciting cop accessories and convict accessories to choose from, for most every mood and flavor. Feeling flirty? Try spicing up an adventure with our sexy cop accessories to create a hot ensemble: a sequin cop hat, matching handcuff earrings and necklace, all completed by a set of long zebra-striped nails and four-inch, black-studded heels!

  • Child Policeman Belt
    Child Policeman Belt
    Reg: $15.99
  • White Tommy Gun
    White Tommy Gun
    Reg: $8.99
  • Plastic Billy Club
    Plastic Billy Club
    Reg: $2.99
  • Chain Gang Links
    Chain Gang Links
    Reg: $15.99
  • Whistle
    Reg: $3.99
  • Jumbo Sheriff Badge
    Jumbo Sheriff Badge
    Reg: $1.99
  • Ball & Chain
    Ball & Chain
    Reg: $2.99
  • Double Handcuff Dangle Earrings
    Double Handcuff Dangle Earrings
    Reg: $5.99
  • Convict Cutie Earrings
    Convict Cutie Earrings
    Reg: $5.99
  • Convict Cutie Bracelet
    Convict Cutie Bracelet
    Reg: $6.99
  • Rhinestone Handcuff Necklace
    Rhinestone Handcuff Necklace
    Reg: $9.99
  • Deluxe Police Badge On Chain
    Deluxe Police Badge On Chain
    Reg: $5.99
  • Deluxe Studded Police Hat
    Deluxe Studded Police Hat
    Reg: $49.99
  • Adult The Man Moustache
    Adult The Man Moustache
    Reduced Price: $3.99
    Reg: $5.99
  • Antique Gold Star Shaped Sheriff Badge
    Antique Gold Star Shaped Sheriff Badge
    Reg: $8.99
12   View All

But if sexy cop accessories aren't your thing, there are many other cop accessories to choose from. How about playing dirty cop and rooting up a pair of aviator policeman sunglasses, which come complete with snout and tail! Or maybe go rugged and transform yourself into a sheriff from the wild old West and strut your stuff in a handsome cowboy hat accessory.If you're planning an activity for the entire family, we've got what you need for any youngster looking for adventure: pick up a child's policeman's belt accessory, which comes complete with radio, cuffs, flashlight and billy club!

But a cop just isn't the same without a bad guy, right? So wouldn't it be that much more fun to have a convict-in-tow? Sure it would! So, to keep that scoundrel under wraps, try out our lightweight and adjustable fetters and shackles. And, really, what's a bad guy without a big bad mustache to conceal his sneer and a tommy-gun to hide under his jacket?

You'll find all of these fun cop and convict accessories, plus many more. They're a steal, so check them out before they're gone!

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