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Mens Shoes

There's no detail that pulls a guy's costume together more than his choice of men's shoes. Appropriately themed footwear is the best way to go from having something that barely works to a look that makes sense. Although many men can get by with just dress shoes or sneakers, anything more fantastical or novelty oriented tends to require something to go with the that specific outfit. Pirates, to put it simply, don't wear sneakers. Many of our boots and similar semi-realistic footwear pieces work as functional additions to your wardrobe under casual circumstances, so view a footwear purchase for a semi-realistic look as an investment.

  • Adult Green Elf Shoes
    Adult Green Elf Shoes
    Reduced Price: $8.99
    Reg: 12.99
  • Adult Brown Roman Sandals
    Adult Brown Roman Sandals
    Reg: $9.99
  • Gold Genie Shoes
    Gold Genie Shoes
    Reg: $10.99
  • Adult Red Elf Shoes
    Adult Red Elf Shoes
    Reg: $14.99
  • Hippie Sandals Adult
    Hippie Sandals Adult
    Reg: $19.99
  • White Platform Shoes
    White Platform Shoes
    Reg: $51.90
  • Black Platform Shoes Adult
    Black Platform Shoes Adult
    Reg: $51.99
  • White And Black Oxford Shoe For Men
    White And Black Oxford Shoe For Men
    Reg: $41.99
  • Colonial Shoe Buckles
    Colonial Shoe Buckles
    Reg: $10.99
  • Colonial Shoe Adult
    Colonial Shoe Adult
    Reg: $34.99
  • Deluxe Vinyl Spats Adult/shoes
    Deluxe Vinyl Spats Adult/shoes
    Reg: $6.99
  • Men's Cheetah Fur Platform Shoe
    Men's Cheetah Fur Platform Shoe
    Reg: $51.99
  • Zebra Men's Platform Shoes
    Zebra Men's Platform Shoes
    Reg: $46.99
  • Men's Stone Age Style Shoes
    Men's Stone Age Style Shoes
    Reg: $12.94
  • Men's Gold 70's Pimp Shoe
    Men's Gold 70's Pimp Shoe
    Reg: $54.99
12   View All

We offer many different types of footwear for men, including variations on boots: pirate boots, biker boots, hiker boots, etc. But, we also carry a great many different sandals - which can be even more important if you are dressing up as an Arabian prince or gladiator. If you're going for a professorial look or some other academic type, consider going for one of our Men's Oxford shoes, and if you're going for something that might be seen in the nightlife of New York City, we offer zebra striped, gold, silver, and other wild, eye-catching designs.

No matter what the occasion is, make an impression at your next costumed event with one of our costume shoes.

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