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Accessories & Makeup

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Superhero Costume Accessories & Makeup

The difference between a good costume and a great one is the dedication to the details. By adding superhero accessories to your costume you will be able to fully get into character and take on the full personality of the superhero you like best. There are many different options to complete the costume of your choice available. No matter which superhero you would like to dress up as there are accessories which can help make your experience as fun as possible.

  • Pointy Elf Ears
    Pointy Elf Ears
    Reg: $3.99
  • Captain America Stealth Shield Child
    Captain America Stealth Shield Child
    Reduced Price: $8.99
    Reg: $12.99
  • Adult Thor Movie Hammer
    Adult Thor Movie Hammer
    Reg: $17.99
  • 24" Captain America 2 Stealth Shield Adult
    24" Captain America 2 Stealth Shield Adult
    Reduced Price: $12.99
    Reg: 24.99
  • Batman Plastic Tote Bag (Each)
    Batman Plastic Tote Bag (Each)
    Our Price : $1.29
    Reg: $2.59
  • Boy's Captain America Avenger Gloves
    Boy's Captain America Avenger Gloves
    Clearance Price: $4.99
    Reg: $6.99
  • Green Lantern Light-Up Sword
    Green Lantern Light-Up Sword
    Reduced Price: $12.99
    Reg: 13.99
  • Batman Gauntlets Child
    Batman Gauntlets Child
    Reg: $14.99
  • Spider-man Tm Adult Gloves
    Spider-man Tm Adult Gloves
    Reg: $5.99
  • Batman Tm Batarangs & Safety Light
    Batman Tm Batarangs & Safety Light
    Reg: $9.99
  • Wolverine Claws Child
    Wolverine Claws Child
    Reduced Price: $11.99
    Reg: $14.99
  • Joker Cane
    Joker Cane
    Reg: $11.99
  • Captain America Retro Gloves
    Captain America Retro Gloves
    Reg: $11.99
  • Captain America 2 Men's Falcon Wing Set
    Captain America 2 Men's Falcon Wing Set
    Reduced Price: $19.99
    Reg: $29.99
  • The Joker Gloves Child
    The Joker Gloves Child
    Reg: $12.99
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For those who are fans of Captain America there is a realistic shield available to complete your costume. Once you put on your authentic boys Captain America Avenger gloves to go with it you will be sure to look the part. No costume is complete without the essential accessories that the heroes use in the movies. One of the most entertaining superhero accessories is the deluxe Spider-Man movie adult web shooter. They can turn your Spider-Man costume into a realistic version of the costume that he wears in the movie. You will be ready to swing from building to building in your crime fighting pursuits. The right costume accessories can help make sure that you put the bad guys away for good.

For the girls who are avid superhero fans there are Catwoman accessories which will give you all of the grace and poise of this villainess. Superhero fun shouldn't be just for the boys. Once you put on your favorite female superhero accessories you will be ready to join in and help save the day. Find the accessories of your favorite superhero and get ready to feel just like them as you play with all of your friends the next time that you're together.

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