Adult Costume Ideas

Halloween! It's not just for kids anymore. As children, you dressed up and went out trick or treating and hopefully came home with a bag full of candy. If you shrieked in childhood fear once or twice and ate your candy without getting a belly ache the holiday was a success. As an adult the Halloween tradition changes just a bit. You still get to dress up but the focus is more on the costume than the act of trick or treating. Many adults are more than willing to dress up and head out to a gathering with other like minded adults dressed in sexy, silly or downright bizarre outfits for a night of fun. Halloween gives us an excuse to adopt a persona that differs from who we normally are. Sometimes it is a chance to bring out the real you or maybe to express a side of yourself people don't usually see. More often, it is an opportunity to be something you are not, a walking fantasy perhaps! What would you choose to be?

Adult costumes can be easy and inexpensive or intricate and costly. Sexy costumes are always fun and can be as simple as showing a little more skin than usual by way of shortening your skirt and making that plunging neckline plunge even further. Add a pair of stilettos and you get the picture. If you have a little money to spend costume shops and online stores often have wigs that are not very expensive. A wig can be used for more than just this years costume and can change your appearance dramatically. This helps out if you are a bit on the shy or conservative side and want to make sure that not everyone recognizes you.

Pirates are always a popular choice for men and women. Pirate costumes are a great choice for a man and woman who want to attend a party together and look like a couple. What could be more fun than a dashing, swaggering pirate and his sexy pirate wench?

Halloween is just the right time of year to show off your inner super hero. Super hero. Super hero costumes are a little more difficult to come up with from the inside of your closet and you will most likely need the help of a costume store to complete the look.

The costumes that you wore as a child can be a source of grown up inspiration too. Take a bit of time and think back to the kids Halloween costumes you have always loved. There is no rule that says a grown up cannot dress up like a gumball machine or a bunch of grapes. These costume need only a bunch a balloons, some adhesive and a good imagination to make.

The bottom line is that Halloween is about fun. Invest a little money and a little time. Adopt a secret personality, take a step outside of you usual comfort zone and laugh. It doesn't really matter if you are laughing at yourself or someone else. Just have a good time.