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Angel Costumes

According to the Bible, angels are messengers of God. In the Bible, angels were also all male. Today we most often we think of angels as our guardians or protectors in times of need. We also most often think of them as women too. Take angel costumes for example, they are exclusively for women. Many people claim to have had interactions with what they thought were angels. Others think they have been involved in dangerous situations where they believed angel intervened. These beliefs make angels an important part of our faith. We cannot prove angels exist by we can tell you with certainty that you'll feel like a piece of heaven when dressed in an angel costume from Costume SuperCenter.

Women's angel costumes have a very broad range. Some angel costumes are pure and innocent while others are sexy and seductive. Some are heavenly and some are dark. Some angel costumes even combine good and evil with one half of the costume being an angel and the other half being the devil.

Angels in white are popular costumes for girls and women. Dark angel costumes and fallen angel costumes are most often worn by teens and women looking for something a bit more edgy. One of the customer favorites are the split angel/devil costumes and the reversible costume that is an angel costume when right side in and a devil costume when inside out. People just love variety.

Most angel costumes come with the wings but if you'd like something bigger and better, we sell very large feather angel wings in our accessories section. They come in both white or black to go perfectly with the angel costume of your choosing.

With our without accessories our angel costumes will be divine for this Halloween or anytime.