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Astronaut Costumes

Have you ever dreamed of being a "Rocket Man?" In our NASA licensed Halloween costumes and accessories you can feel like you are preparing for your very own voyage to the moon. These flight suits remind us that anything is possible with cooperation, hard work and determination, which are great values to reinforce in your kids as they head into outer space. Not everyone gets excited about dressing up like monsters and vampires for Halloween. For many a more practical choice, astronaut or space men costumes are the perfect choice when they want to participate, but don't want to sway too far from their every day look.

Of course space suits are great for anyone who is fascinated with space travel and dream of taking a trip to other planets or the moon themselves. Toddlers and children can choose between white or orange jumpsuits with plenty of authentic accessories to make their space guy look completely out of this world! Accessories include a helmet, Child space gloves, Junior Astronaut boots, and an spaceman jet pack that not only completes the look for these astronaut Halloween costumes, but also stores your child's space gear for any time he wants to pretend he is a real astronaut. And all the flight suits, from toddler size to adult include embroidered caps that can be worn whenever you are looking to show your support for the space program, or just want to keep the sun out of your eyes.

Adults can also show their support for NASA and the space program by dressing in an orange flightsuit themselves. These costumes can easily be fitted over other clothes for a quick trick or treat run through the neighborhood, or you can wear one of these to an office party to show your Halloween spirit without worrying about any potential controversy.

Whether astronaut Halloween costumes are worn by children or adults they are popular in almost any circle and can be reused for pretend play and passed on to relatives or friends for years of use.