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Barbie Costumes

Barbie Costume

Barbara Millicent Roberts was born on March 9, 1959 when she was debuted by Mattel at the American International Toy Fair, in New York City. Barbie is a fashion doll that revolutionized the way girls play with dolls. She is an icon in so many ways. Girls want to be just like her, and dress like her too in a variety of Barbie costumes made especially for girls. Before this doll came along, girls only had baby dolls to play wtih but because of her, girls could role-play a variety of grown-up careers and scenarios with the more mature toy.

Barbie costumes are inspired by her many careers and hobbies. There isn't anything that she hasn't tried over the years. Young girls can get officially licensed costumes for Halloween or pretend play dress up that will turn them into a genie, a 50s girl in a poodle skirt and even a pirate. The mix of fantasy and reality you get by becoming her are astounding. And since Barbie is an adult, after all, there are adult costumes too. Don't forget that Ken is her boyfriend and his costume is sold here too for nostalgia loving couples looking for something unique for Halloween.

The amount of marketing surrounding this doll is overwhelming. In addition to dolls and clothes there are toy houses, cars, books, movies, video games and more. Any little girl would love to wear her Barbie costume while playing with her dolls and her Dream House.