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Baseball Costumes

Baseball Costumes

When people talk about how "American" something in, they often reference Baseball and apple pie. The sport is so ingrained in our society that many parts of our grammar come from the game, with three strikes you're out being the most popular.

From "old tyme" puffy wool uniforms of yester-year, to the more streamlined and modern uniforms of today, the uniform is as recognizable as almost anything else American. Perhaps your little All-Star wants to be his favorite ball player for Halloween and wants to know where to start? We have what your little ball player is looking for in baseball halloween costumes, and something for the big ballplayers too.

All baseball costumes must have a ball cap that is worn forward, to the side or backward. The next part of the costume is the jersey with a number on the back that can be tucked in or left out for that game winning home-run celebration look. Jerseys are usually pinstriped, grey or white, but can also be solid colors. Finish the look off with a pair of sanitary socks or stirrup socks, a baseball glove, and the look is complete.

The "grand slam" of the sport is a sexy female baseball costume. A cap worn to the side playfully complements her oversized jersey that fits like a dress and makes everyone appreciate our favorite pastime. Extra-long stirrup socks, knee high stockings or long tube socks replace the more manly pants that the boys and men wear. Glove and ball are optional to complete the sexy uniform.

You can relive those classic memories of your high school glory days with a classic ball player uniform. Not only will you have a ball cap, jersey, baseball pants, and cleats, but you add some dirt on your shins and some eye black to complete the look. The memories will be fresh again and you will feel like you're back under those lights and running the infield. From home plate to the outfield, a costume dedicated to this American pasttime is perfect for Halloween. Grab your old-fashioned baseball glove and get ready to hit a home run at the costume ball.