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Batman Costumes

One of the most iconic crime fighting superheroes in the hearts of many children and adults is the legendary Batman. Also known as Bruce Wayne, the heir to the Wayne Empire, he was orphaned at a young age when his parents were gunned down by a drug-crazed thief. The young but troubled Bruce set out on a journey across the world to hone his skills and after many years, returned as the Dark Knight of Gotham that we all know today: Batman. Refusing to be like the very people that killed his parents, he never resorts to killing his enemies, and follows a very strict code of justice. In the dark and gloomy world of Gotham, the vigilante was seen as a sign of hope and inspiration to everyone.

It takes more than just a man to strike fear into the hearts of criminals. Knowing this, Bruce designed his costume using the very symbol that scared him the most, the bat. Granted, his bat suit has had many looks from the original gray and black of the early comic days to the deep, dark and mysterious uniform from Arkham Origins. But no matter what colors or what style he wears, it has always been the unmistakable symbol of the bat. Trained by the Brotherhood, this Dark Knight is skilled in all types of combat and a master of the shadows, being able to hide from sight at will. Although Bruce Wayne lived as a playboy millionaire, his alter ego was a capable detective, tracking criminals while being unmatched in combat. Even if his enemies were physically stronger, the vigilante was able to trap, outsmart and defeat them.

Put on a Batman costume and take on the persona of the Caped Crusader himself. You'll feel like you can glide through the night sky and help rid Gotham of its criminals. Fighting and defeating his enemies requires more than just brute strength. To help in your crusade against Gotham's evil, we have all the tools and accessories you need from gloves to Tool Belts. Outwit and out fight the bad guys by arming yourself with the proper tools and accessories and you too a hero like Batman without any superpowers.

In addition to being able to dress as either the Classic Caped Crusader, the Dark Knight or the Bat from The Arkham Origins video game series, you also have the opportunity to dress as one of his sidekicks, like Robin or Batgirl. Both Robin and Batgirl are just as capable in fighting the bad guys as the man himself. Throughout the years, these two remained by Bruce Wayne's side, though the person behind the costume did not, and now it is your turn to become a member of the Bat team!

Villains have their place as well. The classic Joker costume is always a favorite. The Arkham series also features other fan favorite villians like Bane and Anarky. Authentically made, there is no doubt that you are one with the character when you don the costume of your choice. Now it is up to you to fight the bad guys this Halloween!.

Order from our super selection of DC Superhero outfits before nightfall (i.e. 4pm) and get same day shipping!