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Bear Costumes

Bear Costumes

Bear Halloween costumes are long time favorites of partygoers and small-time havoc raisers. Sometimes they show up at a Winnie The Pooh party and other times they show up at a campsite when one of the scout leaders are looking to make their troops squeal like three year olds.

Dressing up in animal outfits is just plain fun. They fit all kinds of occasions, including, of course, Halloween and birthdays. They make for unusual conversation and they evoke images and remembrance of ancient stories about people who had the ability to assume the characteristics of wolfs, bats, bears and more. These costumes come in all sizes and designs. They fit toddlers and they fit adults. Sometimes they even provide a unique and unexpected comic outlook on life. For example, some are even crafted to fit a dog with a realistic bear face, ears and tail. This cute animal crossover makes opportunity for some very special photo ops.

American Indian folklore tells of warriors dressing in bearskin so that they could possess the power, stamina and strength of this mighty and majestic creature of the wild. It is said that those who wore this original style of costume could actually endure wounds and fire without suffering injury from either source.

Bear costumes, when applied to match the occasion, are childhood memory makers, social icebreakers and crowd wake up alarms. Dress your toddler as a Kung Fu Panda or dress the baby in as a cute teddy bear, complete with a bowtie and a colored blanket. If you are running a business and need some roadside attention, hire a greeter to wear a mascot costume and humor the guests by having him pass out hot air balloons.

Is it any wonder that animal outfits draw so much attention? Dressing like a wild animal tickles the imagination, stirs ancient memories and evokes a sense of being one with nature - even in the youngest of children.

Halloween is coming so pick out your bear costume today!