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Bee, Bugs, & Butterfly Costumes

Bee Bug Butterfly Costumes

You're a free spirit, vibrant and brilliant in so many ways. You're content with just being you. You're flashy yet unassuming. You love taking time to smell the flowers. So spread your wings, as little as they may be, in one of our Bee, bug, or butterfly costumes this Halloween. From delicious tasting honey to inspiring the creation of life saving medicines, these beautiful creatures play an important role in our existence. While some people may be freaked out by insects, you appreciate them for all they have to offer. Our collection of nature themed costumes will dazzle and intrigue, just like these amazing creatures.

Baby bees, Bumblebees, Queen bees, Honey bees even to a transformer named Bumble Bee, you will find sets and accessories for both children and adults here. There are adorable lady bugs, flirty butterflies and itsy bitsy spiders too! Or, make your own flittering flying creation with our colorful assortment of wings, face paint, sparkling make-up kits and temporary tattoos. Grab a group of your friends to dress along with you and swarm the party. We also have creepy and crawly house fly and cockroach ensembles as well; great for scaring people away from the food table at your next event.

So go ahead; float like a butterfly, sting like a bee or get snug as a bug this Halloween. Pick up our insect costumes and accessories before they fly away!