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Biblical Costumes

The Bible contains some of the greatest stories ever told. The characters are men, women and Heavenly spirits that tell the stories from which all Judeo-Christian religions are based. Our Biblical costumes can represent any person from the Old or New Testaments. From Moses to Mary you will find a religious look for men, women and children. Use them at home, church or temple to share the word of God in a dramatic way.

For Christians, you don't even need to have a religious celebration or Passion play for wear dress in one of these ensembles. Imagine how much more fun Sunday school would be for children if they could learn their religious lessons while acting them out in costumes. Children are visual learners and incorporating acting into the lessons will give them a sense of being part of the story. Most are robes of simple construction that can be worn by both boys and girls over their clothes. You can get many years of use from them at Sunday School as well as for living Nativities, Passion Plays and any other Christian celebration.

In Judaism there are many holidays for celebrating in costume namely Purim. If you choose to portray significant people from the Bible your can celebrate Purim dressed as Ester Mordecai and Haman. Or for Shavuot you can tell the story of Moses and the Ten Commandments in full dress for a celebration to remember.

Although there are specific characters such as Jesus, Moses and Mary, you can wear our shepherd costumes to portray any biblical figure such as Cain, Abel or the Apostles. These outfits consist of simple, natural-colored robes and would be appropriate for any religion to tell any story that occurred within the Bible.

The Bible contains the words by which some of us live and our costumes can help you tell these stories that bring the word of God to life.