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Little Bo Peep Halloween Costumes

Little Bo Peep Costumes

Fairytale characters have fascinated us for generations, and few characters are as timeless as Little Bo Peep. Our Bo Peep Halloween costumes are available for both girls and women, and depending on who is wearing the ensemble the message is entirely different. The child's costumes capture the sweetness and innoncence of this nursey rhyme character while the adult costumes tend to put a sensual and sexy twist on Lil' Bo Peep's classic look.

And we can't forget the latest reimagining of the character as inspired by the blockbuster movie, Toy Story. The doll who catches the attention of most of the other male toys is both cute and sassy. She's a fan favorite with kids and adults alike so it's no surprise that women enjoy dressing up as this Disney Pixar character. She knows how to keep her sheep from straying. Although some dresses are more conservative than others, you'll feel girly and feminine embodying the classic, nursery rhyme character!

The Toy Story franchise wasn't the first to feature Bo Peep in the story. Older generations remember her as the leading lady in the 1934 film Babes in Toyland. She has also appeared in or been referenced by many other characters in comics, video games, cartoons and movies over the years. Most recently, the character was featured on Once Upon a Time as both a warlord in the Enchanted Forest as well as a butcher in Storybrooke. The fact that this classic character has appeared in so much more since her classic nursey rhyme was published circa 1805 should help you decide what to be for Halloween this year!

Even though she was originally introduced in the early 19th century, this character and her traditional look has come a long way. However, there are definite elements to her ensemble that you shouldn't forget when dressing up as Little Bo Peep. She is known for her frilly and feminine dress, her sheperds crook, bonnet and of course her flock of sheep. Although they are missing from her in the rhyme, a funny group look would be to dress up friends or your children as sheep to follow you around.

Just because this is an age old character doesn't mean you can't get creative with how you represent her. Use your creativity and reimagine Lil' Bo Peep just as the writers and producers of Once Upon a Time have done countless times in the past with various storybook characters. No matter the occasion you become her for, whether it be Halloween, a birthday party or a school play, the ensemble will drum up a sense of nostalgia in people of all ages.

Write your own happy ending this Halloween in a Bo Peep costume of your very own!