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Boys Costumes

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Boys 50s Costumes

Most kids only know about 50s Halloween costumes from what they have seen in movies like Grease or re-runs of Happy Days. They may have also seen pictures of their grandparents then they were young. The look of the 50s is appealing because it is cool. Wearing leather jackets and blue jeans is just as cool today as it was in 1957. The only thing that has really changed is technology. Aside from that, boys from the 50s were into the same things that boys enjoy now such as cars, sports and girls.

  • Deluxe Elvis Child Costume
    Deluxe Elvis Child Costume
    Reg: $39.99
  • Child Elvis Presley Costume
    Child Elvis Presley Costume
    Reg: $21.99
  • Thunderbird Jacket Child Costume
    Thunderbird Jacket Child Costume
    Reg: $44.99
  • Greaser Child
    Greaser Child
    Reg: $22.99
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In the 1950's the most well known group were the Thunderbirds; T-birds for short. They wore their club name on the back of their leather jackets. Our boy's Thunderbirds costume features the jacket. He can also wear a greaser jacket and be anybody from Fonzi to James Dean. For anyone who likes to put on a show, the Elvis 50s costumes will enable him to add some hip shaking, and rockin' to this year's Halloween. Any of these outfits will work just as well for a school play set in the fifties like Grease or West Side Story.

To complete the look, your son will need a fifties hairstyle. All guys greased and gelled their hair. If you can't achieve the style by using mom's hair gel, our wigs will do the trick. Other 50's costume accessories include sunglasses and temporary tattoos.

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