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Boys Costumes

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Boys 1960s Costumes

Travel back in the groovy time machine to the 1960's and you'll be amazed at how different life was then. The 60s clothes were crazy and everything was much less expensive. Back then the average new car cost less than $3,000, bread cost less than a quarter per loaf, and the average rent per month was only $118. The good thing is that you can buy boy's 60s Halloween costumes from us and feel like you are spending 1960s prices.

  • Hippie Child
    Hippie Child
    Reduced Price: $17.99
    Reg: $26.99
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Get ready to travel through time all the way back to this colorful period and do it in style when you look through our extraordinary collection of boys 60's costumes! Whether you're trying to dress up as one of the Beatles or just let out that inner hippie, our selection of 60's costumes for boys will let you live out your own 1960's dream! The bold clothing of the 1960's will always be a fun getup for costume parties or Halloween. These costumes could even be used in a theater production! The eye catching designs feature loud floral prints and psychedelic patterns, not to mention tie-dye. Add a long hippie wig or an afro and some peace sign jewelry, and he's ready to travel back in time to 1969! Add a prop guitar and ee can look like any one of the groovy rock stars from the era of peace, love and rock 'n roll.

Money may not be able to buy you love, but it can sure get you a great costume at a price from days gone by! So what are you waiting for? Reading this won't help you anymore; start shopping before we're all sold out of the boys 60's costume you want!

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