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Boys Costumes

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Boys Batman Costumes

Holy amazing disguise Batman! We sell almost all of Gotham City's bold figures in this selection of cutting edge DC Comics Batman Costumes! Not only do we offer you several variations of Bruce Wayne's alter ego but we have superhero gear for his trusted sidekick and his arch nemesis too. Batman outfits range from the classic comic strip Batman to the cartoon series Brave and Bold Batman to the modern day Dark Knight from motion pictures. To be Robin, the Boy Wonder, you can choose between Teen Titans or Young Justice Robin. Whichever you opt for, these alter egos are perfect for Halloween parties, maybe even everyday play! Now, for every superhero, there is a villain. In the case of Batman, the primary bad guy is The Joker. When you get the kids Joker costume you can choose between a mask or a makeup set to get his evil facial features.

123   View All

Boy's Batman costumes have add-ons like superhero boots, Batman gloves and officially licensed Batman gadgets like a Batman Dark Knight Grappling Hook and a Batarangs & Safety light set. When you put everything together, you have an ensemble worthy of the real Batman's approval. If Bruce Wayne could see your son in his disguise, he would invite him to the Bat Cave and take him for a ride in the Bat Mobile. But until then, he can just pretend what it is like to be his favorite superhero.

You don't need a bat signal to find our website. You've used your superhero instincts to find it on your own. You will never fear when Batman is near so buy one of our kids Batman costumes for boys and watch him as he pretends to save Gotham City and the neighborhood from the villains.

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