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Boys Costumes

Prisoner costumes come in two styles. You have the old-fashioned black and white stripe and the orange jumpsuit county correctional facility. Choosing the first one will is a great choice because it is the most recognizable. You can add fun accessories like a prop ball and chain, just like the ones the prisoners wore in the old chain gangs. The orange jumpsuit uniform on the other hand, is for the more sinister prisoner like Hannibal Letcher from Silence of the Lambs. The Cell Block Psycho wardrobe exemplifies this to perfection. Playing pretend prisoner for a day won't turn him into a hardened criminal. It may in fact have the opposite effect.

You can take a lot of creative license with kids Halloween costumes. By using some makeup, you can give him a black eye or a big scar; you can put him in shackles (toy shackles, of course) or you can cover him in dirt and give him a shovel so he'll look like an escaped convict. For a completely different twist you can even add an Elvis wig, a la Jailhouse Rock.

Why wait for these outfits all be captured, purchase your own while you can! Your only crime will be not getting one while the supplies last.