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Whip up a tasty look for Halloween with our Boy's Food Costumes and accessories. Many of our food outfit designs feature a pullover tunic that can be paired with simple shirts and pants. From veggies and fruit to goofy BBQ snacks, there is almost no limit to the designs available to fit food designs. Lightweight bodysuits are comfortable and easy to wear. Fruit outfits can be worn by kids of all ages. Young children will like these outfits for their bright colors and older kids will get a hoot out of the ironic nature of a silly taco or banana suit.

Children's fruit costumes are a popular classic look for boys. Outfits include apples, oranges, banana, tacos, hamburgers and more. If you want to add a twist to amp up your look, consider a humor design based on online shows or funny puns. The Annoying Orange show can be pretty funny. Take the jokes and looks from the online series with apple, orange and pear characters. You can find a zombie banana suit or other unique design to put a twist on your food outfit. Pair your food ensemble with accessories like white cartoon gloves, black pants or leggings, face paint, and wigs. Be sure to keep your kids safe with Halloween safety equipment like glow sticks, flashlights and reflectors.

If you are looking for a tasty look this Halloween, then you will have to look no further. Bite into Halloween with fun fruit and veggie outfits made from our boy's food costumes.