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Brady Bunch Costumes

Brady Bunch

The Brady Bunch is the world's most popular and functional blended family. It's a home where step siblings get along great, step parents are respectfully referred to as "mom and dad" and everyone happily exists in a 3 bedroom house with one bathroom for six kids. Greg, Peter, Bobby, Marcia, Jan and Cindy became symbols of a growing trend among Americans during the 1960's which was divorce and remarriage. Carol and Mike kept the household running smoothly thanks to the assistance of their live-in housekeeper, Alice.

The Brady kids not only played together, they rocked together. Thanks to oldest brother Greg's alter ego Johnny Bravo, the family has cranked out hit songs like "It's a Sunshine Day," "We Can Make the World a Whole Lot Brighter," "When It's Time to Change" and "Keep On." Anyone who has seen the re-runs or the movies will recognize these tunes.

Brady Bunch costumes come in two versions. Some are based on their everyday wardrobe. The cheesy 70's styles we laugh at when we see them in the reruns. The boys' outfits have stripes and crazy color combinations and the girls' are typical to the "mod girl" styles that were so popular at the time. The other ensembles are replicas of the costumes worn in when performing their musical numbers. The fringed jumpsuits where introduced during the talent competition in the movie and have become iconic in their own right. Dressing as one of these characters is recognizable on their own but you can make the look even better by dressing up with your friends or siblings as a group.

Don't just stop at the siblings. Carol, Mike and Alice are also highly recognizable characters from the show and the movies. The children obeyed their parents but also considered their housekeeper as another member of the blended family. Top off your 1970's look with a wig or other accessories specific to the time period and you'll not only drum up nostalgia for anyone who watched the TV show regularly or others who enjoy catching the reruns but you'll also capture the dynamic relationship all of the Bradys shared on screen.

Brady Bunch costumes are here so become another member of the family. Our website is 100% secure and groovy!