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Bride Halloween Costumes

Bride Costumes

Every little girl imagines her dream wedding and as they grow older, their dreams grow with them. It's no surprise that any girl, young or old, would want to have their very own bride costume for dress up, parties and Halloween. There are so many different styles of bridal gowns available that you may find yourself choosing several for different parties and occasions. From public outings to private affairs, an iconic white dress is a dress up staple.

Not all gowns are traditionally pretty. Characters like the Bride of Frankenstein and the Corpse Bride put a dark spin on the wedding day look. Instead of white, elegant and regal elements, these ladies opted for dark colors, ragged details and haunting silhouettes. Although these looks aren't as popular as a traditional soon-to-be wed gowns, they open the door to more unique characters, especially for Halloween.

Due to wedding traditions, the white wedding gowns aren't going anywhere. Traditional dresses are so detailed and embellished they rival the garbs of any princess. And why not? Because on her wedding day, real or imaginary, every girl wants to feel like royalty. We have all a young girl, teenager or woman would want for a night of fun, fright or anything in-between. In addition to the bridal Halloween costumes, we have wigs and accessories to help you achieve a full transformation. Some of the wigs stand straight in the air while others flow long and loose. And what bride costume would be complete without flowers, veils in various lengths, some elegant and some a frightful mess and purses.

Everything leads up to the big day--the wedding! Whether you're planning pretend nuptials or the real deal, you can use a cheap bridal costume to help imagine the day down to the smallest details. A fluffy, flowing dress is all a girl needs to feel regal and beautiful and with our variety of gowns both traditional and dark will do the job!

When it comes time to purchase your bride Halloween costumes, look no further - has everything but the groom.

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