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Buzz Lightyear Costumes

Buzz Lightyear Costumes

Buzz Lightyear Halloween costumes are a popular choice year after year, and you can bet we have a selection that spans to infinity and beyond! Choose from the wide variety of adult, children, infant and teen options featuring this classic Pixar character to have the most original costume at your Halloween festivities this year. The Buzz Lightyear ensembles all feature the memorable white astronaut suit with lime green trim, purple helmet and a big red button on the arm for a vibrant color combination that stands out and draws attention to your costume in a crowded room.

Since the final movie in the Toy Story trilogy gained Oscar attention again - resurrecting our former fondness for the touching children's story - all of the classic characters from the movie have become more relevant in our culture. Because the movies have jumped back onto the scene, the characters have become popular choices for Halloween again. Bring out the sentimental side of everyone by organizing a group of people to go as each character in the movie. With so many Buzz Lightyear costumes to choose from, you're sure to find one that fits your preferences to create a look that still sets you apart from the crowd.

Your child will create quite the "buzz" in the trick-or-treat scene this year with the stylish and super cool kids Buzz Lightyear costumes, complete with wings, buttons, gloves, and flight suit detailing to create a perfectly authentic look. Kids will love dressing up like their favorite hero from the Toy Story movies and parents will love it because there's no complex make up or uncomfortable accessories involved. The wings on some of the outfits are removable as well for ultimate convenience. If you have a first time trick-or-treater in the family, Buzz Lightyear is an excellent Toy Story costume choice because of the soft, comfortable fabric and attached hood to warm up on a chilly October night.

Even adults can dress up as this out-of-this-world hero to create a nostalgic atmosphere that everyone at your Halloween event is sure to love because of it's short revisit into childhood. Buzz Lightyear costumes will not only get you attention because of it's sentimental reasons, but also for it's flattering masculine cut that broadens the shoulder and slims at the waist for an attractive appeal.