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Captain America Costumes

Captain America costumes are hot and on the minds of young and old alike. Halloween trick-or-treaters can capture the super hero fun like never before. Created in 1941, this costumed super-soldier evokes a spirit of national loyalty and a dedication to all things right and just. In 2014 this American hero returns with an updated look in the movie "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" where he battle an Soviet agent known as Winter Soldier. He is featured along with Black Widow, The Falcon and Winter Soldier as recent characters added to our Halloween costumes collection. The looks are as true to the movie as any Halloween costume can be.

Captain America costumes give our young ones a sense of hope and pride. And for the adult partygoer, the costume can stir up memories of comic books, and childhood adventures. The typical Captain America Halloween costume for men includes a jumpsuit with muscles in the torso and arms, attached boot tops, and a hero's character hood. The red, white, and blue coloring ranges from the bright as in the classic superhero uniform to the deep tones that promote the dark sides of our modern movie heroes as seen in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier".

Deluxe versions of Captain America Halloween costumes may include an attached utility belt and boot tops. The contemporary military image shifts away from the traditional comic book character, but the muscles look real, and the character, when played effectively by the wearer of this costume, reflects power and authority.

Ladies. Do not feel neglected. Capt. America costumes also come in variations that suit the female taste. The girls style includes wrist gauntlets, an attached belt, a winged character eye mask, red leggings, and a lovely mini-dress that separates the teen from the kids. Some of the Captain America Halloween costumes are designed for sassy ladies with a twinkle in the eye. Have some fun with your husband. The women's costume includes a sexy, one piece dress that puts a wonderful twist to the historic image of Captain America.

Beat the rush. Stay ahead of the party. Male, female, old or young, reserve or purchase your Captain America costume now.