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Disney Pixar Cars Costumes

Japan is a long way from Radiator Springs but that is exactly where the new Disney Pixar movie Cars 2 takes us. It is jam packed with James Bond-like adventures of espionage and international intrigue. The story is as exciting as a complicated as Mission Impossible but kids will love it. What they'll love even more is the new line of Cars 2 Halloween costumes.

Lightning McQueen is the race car extraordinaire. After winning his 4th Piston Cup he assembles his pit crew to challenge European rival in the World Grand Prix. The new Lightning McQueen costumes feature a pit crew style just like the uniforms that pit crews wear in NASCAR. Other Lightning McQueen Cars Costume includes a 3D tunic so your child will look like a car. While some boys may prefer a costume with Lightning McQueen on it others what to actually be Lightning McQueen.

Mild mannered Tow Mater becomes a pawn in the espionage ring when he has an information packet with a homing devised attached to his undercarriage. Now his is literally a marked car. Another returning character in Cars 2 is Tow Mater. Just like his best friend Lightning, the Tow Mater Cars costume comes in a jumpsuit and a 3D style. The outfit features Tow Maters likeness on the front and is molded in the shape of a tow truck. It even comes with a matching Tow Mater hat.

Finn McMissile is the suave secret agent and spy who believes something suspicious is brewing at the World Grand Prix regarding a plot to force racecars into using an alternative fuel. It doesn't take long for him to discover that Mater is carrying the top secret information. Finn is sleek and well equipped with state-of-the-art gadgets. The Finn McMissile Cars costume features a muscle padded jumpsuit with Finn McMissile graphics and a matching cap.

Fun accessories like the Pit Crew Headset and the Cars 2 Spy Gadgets will round out these amazing Disney Pixar selections. Be part of the action this Halloween as you seek out thrills adventures and candy throughout your neighborhood in your Cars Halloween Costume.