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Cat in the Hat Costumes

Cat in the Hat Costumes

Take a trip down memory lane with ourauthentic Cat in the Hat costumes. Based on the Dr. Seuss classic children's book, this favorite fictional character will have your party peers brimming with nostalgia.

The Cat in the Hat suit is a simple and comfortably designed, full-body cat suit that comes complete with over-sized red bow tie and two-foot tall red and white striped top hat. The costume also comes complete white gloves and a black tail on the back of the suit. You also have the option of buying the accessories separately if you don't plan on going all out for your costume this year.

The adult Cat in the Hat costume is a great way to show off the humorous and childish side of your personality. You can take some inspiration from Mike Myers' Cat in the Hat impersonation in the classic 2003 feature film of the same name You can even quote from the book and impress your party guests with your literary knowledge and poetic skills. Naturally, we have a Cat in the Hat outfit especially for the kids. It is a smaller version of the adults version, but still retains all of its quality features. This style is always popular among all children because it's the main character from one of their favorite books. Your child will be sure to get attention from kids from all age groups on your trick-or-treating route this year.

The Cat in the Hat costume comes in a Mascot version that comes with the same features as the original design---only it covers the entire body, including the face. It is mostly white with various, designs and a black tail and comes with the specialty, over-sized red bow tie, two-foot red and white striped top hat, black tail and white gloves. This outfit is a great way to get noticed without people knowing who you are. With the Mascot Cat in the Hat costume, you can pull a few anonymous Halloween pranks that would make Mr. Mischievous himself proud.

The Cat in the Hat Halloween costumes will continue to be a favorite year after year because of the continuing popularity of the books they are inspired by. Because they are so popular, you better get yours here, quick before they run out!