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Cheerleader Costumes

Cheerleader Costumes

Go team! We love spirit - Halloween spirit especially. What better way to give 3 cheers for Halloween than to dress up in a Cheerleader costume. If you didn't have the opportunity to be on you school cheer squad or cheer for a professional sports team here is your chance to dress the part.

Cheerleader costumes come in all sizes from girls to plus. They also come in many versions from cute to sexy to humorous to Gothic. Every one can find the cheer uniform that is perfect for them and best yet, find it at a great price!

We have licensed Cheerleader costumes like the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader that is an official copy of the ones worn by the famous Dallas Cowgirls. There are also other cheer uniforms from the real sports teams such as The Boston Celtics and The LA Lakers. If you have a child who loves dolls, the Girl's Barbie Cheerleader and Bratz Cheer outfits will make you say Hip-Hip-Hooray!

For those of you who would rather poke fun at cheerleaders than emulate them, you will love our humorous Spartan Cheerleader costumes from the popular Saturday Night Live skit. The SNL Spartan set comes in a male and female version. You may also want to check out our Goth style cheer girl featuring a black jumper such as the Cheerless Cheerleader costume.

All the accessories you need for your Cheerleader outfit are available here. Check out our line of sexy sneaker heels, pom-poms, megaphones and wigs.

So this year, cheer for Team Halloween! Show your Halloween spirit with a Cheerleader Halloween costume and accessories.