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Christmas Costumes

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Christmas & Santa Hats

Christmas hats and headwear are the things to wear if you want to get into the Christmas spirit. They will make you feel full of cheer. You can wear them at home, at work or anywhere. They go with pants, jackets and dresses so you can be comfortable in whatever you're wearing but still feel like you've dressed up for the holiday.

  • Regal Santa Hat
    Regal Santa Hat
  • Christmas Elf Hat
    Christmas Elf Hat
  • Soft Touch Reindeer Antlers
    Soft Touch Reindeer Antlers
  • Child Plush Santa Hat
    Child Plush Santa Hat
  • Santa Hat
    Santa Hat
  • Felt Elf Hat w/bells
    Felt Elf Hat w/bells
  • Antler Santa Hat
    Antler Santa Hat
  • Adult Plush Santa Hat with Beard and Moustache
    Adult Plush Santa Hat with Beard and Moustache
  • Santa Chimney Hat Adult
    Santa Chimney Hat Adult
    Price Reduced: $12.99
    Reg: 11.99
  • Plush and Velvet Santa Hat
    Plush and Velvet Santa Hat
  • Toy Soldier Hat
    Toy Soldier Hat
  • Santa Hat with Shot Glasses
    Santa Hat with Shot Glasses
  • Adult Snowman Kit
    Adult Snowman Kit
  • Adult Santa Springy Headband
    Adult Santa Springy Headband
  • Rudolph Antler Set
    Rudolph Antler Set
12   View All

Wearing a Santa cap can give you and others a little bit of Christmas cheer that goes a long way. Its amazing how something as simple as a Santa Claus hat with its fluffy red cap with white fur trim and a pom-pom can make people smile. You'll be greeted by total strangers wishing you a Merry Christmas. With all the holiday hustle and bustle, when people see someone in a Christmas hat and feel a little less stressed.

Christmas Santa headwear come in combinations of red, green and white with fur trim, bells, plaid and snowflake appliqués. Santa hats come in traditional and unique styles for adults and children so you can find one that properly fits your style as well as your head. If you want to get a little bit silly you can wear a jester style for elves or a funny pair of fur antlers. We have antler headbands that light up and even ones with bells