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During the holidays we get so wrapped up with family that sometimes we forget about the family pet. Our pets are part of the family too so they should share in the festivities. That includes dressing up in a cute Christmas pet costume.

Your dog will look so cute dressed up like Santa's little helper. Our Elf Costume for pets is made for dogs of all sizes. The size chart explains how to measure your dog so the buy the costume that fits it best. It features festive red, white, green and gold details and even comes with a pointed elf hat that fits on your dog's head with an elastic strap. To make it even cuter, we have a human costume to match it so you can dress up with your beloved pet.

Christmas pet costumes will not only make your dog look great for the holidays but it will also help keep it warm. The pet costume can take the place of a doggie coat when it's really cold outside. Your pet will really know how much you care and will show you with its unconditional love.