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Christmas Costumes

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Christmas Shepherd Costumes

Naturally, the baby Jesus is the star of the Christmas pageant but what you'll find the most of are participants dressed in Shepherd costumes. When Jesus was born, villagers came from far and wide to Bethlehem to see the newborn son of God. Although not every person in attendance was a sheep herder, the robe style of dress was what men wore in ancient times thus we associate with Christmas pageants.

  • Shepherd Child Costume
    Shepherd Child Costume
    Reg: $17.99
  • Deluxe Shepherd Costume Child
    Deluxe Shepherd Costume Child
    Reg: $44.99
  • Joseph Child Costume
    Joseph Child Costume
    Reg: $16.99
  • Adult Shepherd Costume
    Adult Shepherd Costume
    Reg: $18.99
  • Shepherd Costume Child
    Shepherd Costume Child
    Reg: $19.99
  • Adult Shepherd
    Adult Shepherd
    Reg: $34.99
  • Shepherd Adult Costume
    Shepherd Adult Costume
    Reg: $69.99
  • Blue and Gold Joseph Adult Costume
    Blue and Gold Joseph Adult Costume
    Reg: $59.99
  • Men's Unisex Biblical Gown Costume
    Men's Unisex Biblical Gown Costume
    Reg: $19.99
  • Men's Deluxe Joseph Costume
    Men's Deluxe Joseph Costume
    Reg: $48.99
  • Mary Biblical Gown Costume
    Mary Biblical Gown Costume
    Reg: $19.99
  • Brown and White Joseph Adult Costume
    Brown and White Joseph Adult Costume
    Reg: $19.99
  • Mens Shepherd Costume
    Mens Shepherd Costume
    Reg: $69.99
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When churches and communities all over the world celebrate the Nativity, participants dress in Shepherd's robes. More elaborate styles are made to represent the three wise men, Gaspar, Melchoir and Balthasar who were more educated and from a higher class.

Biblical clothing plays a very important role in reenacting stories from the Bible. In addition to being the common dress, the frock has symbolic meaning in Christianity. The analogy that Jesus watches over his followers as shepherds tend to their flock of sheep is one with which we are all familiar. Priest, who guide their congregation still wear robes of similar style today.

Our bible costumes are available for men and boys. We also have Virgin Mary gowns for girls and women. In addition, we have a fine assortment of biblical wigs and beards to wear with yours. Likewise, you'll like our assortment of matching sandals for men and women too..

Your Christmas pageant will be miraculous thanks to the shepherd costumes and biblical/religious accessories you'll find here.

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