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Cinco de Mayo Costumes

Cinco de Mayo is recognized as a day to celebrate Mexican heritage and culture. The origin is in Puebla, Mexico and it commemorates the Mexico's victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. In Mexico, it is primarily a regional holiday with little recognition outside of Puebla but in the United States it has become a favorite unofficial holiday.

May 5th is also widely celebrated at barbecues, house parties and restaurants but many cities hold large celebrations with live music, street fairs and parades. Many people enjoy getting into the spirit of this unofficial holiday by dressing in Mexican attire, dancing to fiesta music and enjoying the delicious tastes of Mexico.

Some of our favorite Cinco de Mayo costumes are the men's Mexican Serape costume that comes with a sombrero and an authentically styled blanket poncho called a serape. The women's Hot Tamale dress features a sexy peasant blouse, belt, mini sombrero and a skirt that matches the men's Serape. If you are the type who likes to entertain then you'll be a great hostess in the sexy shooter outfit that features a serape mini dress and a belt with a holster to hold a bottle of tequila. It also comes with 4 shot glasses. Ole!!

We also have accessories for Mexican costumes like sombreros and maracas. These are great to offer to guests at your May 5th party.

So if you are looking for Cinco de Mayo costumes and accessories you'll find everything you need right here. Shop today on our 100% secure site. You'll love our selection and our super low prices.