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Clown Costumes

Clowns are the silly looking comedians you find at the circus. They are characterized by their crazy face make-up, silly clothes, big red nose and oversized shoes. Clowns are known for their physical humor. They perform funny stunts, pantomime and keep audiences entertained while the circus transitions from act to act. Clowns look different in different countries. They described above are the ones we know in the American circus. In other countries and in earlier times, clowns are referred to as harlequins, pirouettes/pierrots and jesters. Their costumes were different than what we know today. Harlequins feature a black and white diamond shape pattern. Pierrot and Pirouette clowns wear loose fitting black and white costumes with puff sleeves. Jesters feature pointed shoes and hats.

You either love them of you fear them. For those who love them, clowns suits make a great Halloween outfit. They also make a great way to entertain You can use any one of the clown costumes sold on our site to entertain at a child's party. All you need is to create an act and learn how to make some balloon animals. Whether you are being a clown for Halloween or otherwise, a silly outfit with bold stripes and polka-dots is fun to wear and easy to individualize. The perfect way make your costume on-of-a kind is with make up. Clownface make up is as original as the individual who wears it.

Clown costumes for kids are so cute. They are especially cute on infants and toddlers and make a very popular to wear for their first Halloween. Clowns are one of the few styles available that are equally suited for boys and girls, men and women.

In addition to clown costumes and makeup, we have a large selection of silly accessories. This includes wigs, hats, shoes, squirting flowers, bowties, noses, suspenders and so on. Use our clown accessories in any combination to turn you into the perfect, unique circus funnyman.

With one of our many clown costumes you'll be ready for the circus.