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Festivals of the 60s and 70s

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The 1960s and into the 1970s were a pivotal point in United States history. Many significant events took place during this time including the civil rights movement, the presidency and assassination of JFK, and the first man to walk on the moon. Music festivals like Woodstock were a culturally significant part of the decade. The music of the time had a huge impact on history including wars, politics, and culture. In fact, musical festivals such as this as well as the Newport Folk Festival and the "Human Be-In" which featured famous artists like Alan Ginsburg and Timothy Leary were important social and influential events. Woodstock is where world famous musicians such as Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin were first exposed to thousands of fans. The music of the 1960s as well as the many significant changes that took place make this decade one of the most significant in US history, and will live on in the minds of Americans forever.

· Woodstock – Database with pictures, video and tons of information on the famous festival

· The Woodstock Story – Stories about Woodstock as told by people who were there, and lots of other information about Woodstock

· Newport Folk Festival Flyer – Actual flyer from the 1965 festival

· Bob Dylan at Newport – Some information about Bob Dylan's performance at the Newport Folk Festival

· Complete Newport Discography – All of the songs and artists from every Newport Folk Festival in the 1960s

· Human Be-In – A tribute page to the 1967 San Francisco Human Be-In

· Brief Be-In History – A short history and background on the Be-In

· The Kennedy Assassination – Information about the tragic death of JFK

· JFK Assassination Records – An extensive collection of records about the famous assassination

· Great Space Events – Important outer space related events that took place in the 1960s

· One Small Step – The actual transcript between astronauts and NASA during the very first lunar landing

· Martin Luther King, Jr. – Biography of one of the leaders of the civil rights movement in the 1960s

· Music of the 1960s – A brief history of the music in the 1960s

· American Cultural History – The pivotal moments and important cultural events of the 1960s

· Jimi Hendrix – The official website for the famous guitarist

· The Vietnam War – Information and photos of this pivotal war in American history

· Battlefield: Vietnam – Timeline, history, and much more about the war

· Beat Poets of the 1960s – A list and information about the famous "beat" poets of the decade

· Music Festivals – Some more festivals that have taken place during the 60s

· Charles Manson – Information about the famous cult leader/murderer

· Cuban Missile Crisis – Important background information about the 1962 crisis

· Janis Joplin – Home page for the legendary Woodstock female singer

· Politics of the 1960s – Photos, information, and background on the many turbulent political wars in the famous decade

· Civil Rights Movement Timeline – Traces civil rights milestones from 1948 through the 1960s and up to today

· Robert F. Kennedy Assassination – Background on JFK's brother, who was also killed in the 1960s

· Slang of the 1960s – Music and lifestyle greatly influenced the slang of this time period; here are many examples of slang used

· The Bay of Pigs – History and photographs

· John Lennon – Home page of the famous Beatle who got political

· The Turbulent 60s – Brief, easy to understand overview of the music during this decade

· Counterculture – Overview of the "counterculture" of the 60s

· The Hippie Generation – A look at the defining generation of the decade

· The Civil Rights Era – Historical perspective about this important time in African American history

· The Groovy 1960s – Some fun facts, geared towards Kids, about the decade

· Woodstock Lineup – Comprehensive band and performer lineup and songlist for the Woodstock Festival

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