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UFO Folklore

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Many people consider the concept of UFOs and aliens to be something that belongs in sci-fi movies. However, there are many people who believe that aliens have landed on the Earth, and they point to a host of evidence to support this belief.

1920's Flappers

UFO Pictures

UFO pictures are simply pictures that have UFOs in them. Enthusiasts point to numerous UFO photos to prove their point. However, many people question the authenticity of these pictures because of improvements in technology. Many photos are assumed to have been doctored or "photoshopped" in some way to make it look like UFOs are in the sky. Is it possible to authenticate UFO pictures?

Cydonia, Mars

In 1976, NASA took photos of the surface of Mars and many people insisted that some of the photos clearly showed a face on the surface in an area of Mars known as Cydonia. People also believed that the photographs showed pyramids and even the ruins of an old city. New images taken with higher quality image software in both 1999 and in 2001 revealed that there is no face; it is simply a large cropping of rocks and sand. However, conspiracy theorists still analyze the photographs looking for the truth.


In some cases, stories of aliens and stories of alien abductions go hand in hand. People claim that they are somehow beamed aboard a UFO and held captive by the aliens. The aliens usually spend some time running various tests on the abducted before returning them to their home, unharmed but traumatized.


Just as popular as stories about alien abductions are stories about alien implants. Many people who say they were abducted also say that while they were being experimented on, a long needle was inserted into their body and when it was pulled back out, it was missing a small ball. No human medical equipment has ever detected any of this but people insist that the alien technology is so advanced that they can hide their implants from present human technology.

Roswell – 5

Roswell, New Mexico is often considered a hot-spot by many alien enthusiasts because of the Roswell Incident. On July, 8, 1947, the military issued a press release stating that they had recovered a crashed aircraft – a flying saucer – of unknown origins from a site near Roswell. The military later stated that it was only a weather balloon. 30 years later, a UFOlogist interviewed an army Major involved who expressed his belief that the government was covering up both the recovery of a craft as well as alien bodies that were autopsied. There are supposedly videos of the autopsies that were covered up but somehow leaked.

Military/NASA Cover-Up

Alien conspiracy theorists firmly believe that the government, military and NASA are covering up any trace of an aliens on the planet. They claim that in places like Area 51, the government swept in to ensure that no proof of aliens could be found. They also believe that NASA plays an active role in hiding any proof of aliens from the population at large.

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