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Ultimate Resource for The French Middle Ages

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The French Middle Ages describes a time period from around 481 AD to the middle of the 15th century. During this time, the French suffered through Viking invasions, a political and economic crisis, the Hundred's Years' War and the Black Death Epidemic. They had periods of hope and renewed strength also; there was a period of artistic and literary evolution from the 12th through the 14th century. They saw the reign of King Louis IX, a kind and wise king who wanted fair justice for all. At the end of the French Middle Ages, the expansion of the French nation in the 15th century brought with it a new sense of new French identity.

French Middle Ages

Medieval Sourcebook of France: Offers full texts, law texts, maps and descriptions of time periods and events.
Letters of Crusaders: Letters written by the Crusaders of Medieval Europe such as Anselme of Ribemont, Conrad III, Fredrick I and The Duke of Lorraine.
The Tres Riches Heures: A web museum exhibit of a classic example of a medieval book of hours. A collection for each liturgical hour of the day.
Immigration and Identity in the Middle Ages : French immigrants to Constantinople and Greece in the 13th Century.
The Salic Law: All about the code of law written around the time of Clovis (476-96)—Who it was written for and why it was written.
Images of Medieval Art and Architecture: A searchable database of over 3,000 images for Chartres and Vezelay.
Monarchs and Monasteries in Medieval France: Covers the path to royal absolutism, rise and fall of the absolute monarchy, and from empire to democracy.
• A Journal of Medieval and Renaissance Studies: Provides a repository of volumes 1-32 online. Provides articles on subjects such as Birgitta of Sweden, Clothworkers and Social Protest, and The Intellectual Life of the Early Renaissance Artist.
Medieval Women: Browse medieval texts, images, and audio files all about medieval women.
French Scientific Instruments: See images of scientific instruments from the medieval and renaissance periods and find out where they originated.
• Warfare in the Middle Ages: Explore warfare from the 4th century through the 16th century--including the Byzantine conquest of Italy, the battle of Fontenay, the siege of Antioch and Joan of Arc's campaigns.
• The French Middle Ages: The history the French forged in becoming the central culture in the invention of Europe.
Music History, The Middle Ages: Discover the musical traditions of Europe during the Middle Ages, tracing the years 500 to 1400AD. Sacred music was prevalent because of the domination of the Catholic Church.
France, 1000-1400 AD: Learn about key events, works of art and fashion during this important time in France's history.
Uniting the Kingdoms: See who the English kings were that occupied France—How did they gain control? What did the French do about the occupation?
The Hundred Years War: The defining period in both English and French history—What happened? When did it happen? Why did it happen?
Saint Joan of Arc's Trials: Her life, her achievements, and her death. Authorities reconsider her condemnation.
France During the Crusades: Information about Louis IX, a legendary figure in French history. What were the Crusades? When did they happen?
The Middle Ages: A video lecture about the Middle Ages with pictures. Video 19—Western Tradition.

Medieval French Literature

• Literature and the Middle Ages: Answers the questions--What is the origin of French Literature? How did the Middle Ages get its name and relationships?
The Charrette Project: A multi-media electronic archive containing a medieval manuscript tradition—the Chretien de Troyes'Le Chevalier de la Charrette.
Chretien de Troyes-Cliges: The Arthurian romantic full text by Chretien De Troyes translated in 1914.
• Four Arthurian Romances: Full ebook of Chretien de Troyes, Four Arthurian Romances.
• Ballads, Lyrics and Poems of Old France: The works of Charles D'Orleans, Francois Villon, Remy Belleau and many other well-known authors and poets of the time.
High History of the Holy Graal: Translated from French, a book about the Holy Graal in Medieval Times.
The Song of Roland: The history of how the song became a national theme after Charles the Great, King of the Franks, returned from Spain in 778 A.D.
Actor's Roles from Medieval France: About French plays that had been discovered in the 1920s and then translated for all to enjoy—find a study of the roles in the plays.
In Parentheses: Complete text of books from the Middle French and Old French periods—includes Life of the Black Prince, Fleuri and The Story of King Constant.
Medieval Writing: Learn about the history of writing in medieval times—What is Paleography? What writing tools and materials did they use? What was their concept of literacy?
The Lais of Marie de France: Poems of a French woman during the medieval times. She was a part of a generation of writers who were inventing French verse romance.
Les Tres Riches: Referred to as the king of illuminated manuscripts and also a pinnacle in the entire history of painting.
The Belles Heures: A collection of more than 80 miniatures from the Belles Heures of the Duke of Berry. This is one of the supreme artistic treasures of French medieval illumination.
Franco-Italian Literature: An introduction to the genre, a bibliography of works, and the story of Berta and Milon.
Origin of the Miracle Play: The full text discussing a theory about the origins of the miracle play.
Tales from Froissart: A brief introduction to the works of French author and clergyman Froissart—full text for online reading of his books.
Roman de la Rose: One of the most influential works written in Old French. Find text and introduction about the authors.
A History of French Literature: Includes narrative religious poetry, the national epic, the epic of antiquity and romance of love and courtesy.
A Boke of Gode Cookery: A collection of medieval recipes which were translated into English.
• Epic and Romance in Medieval France: The two main genres of the period were epic and romance. Gives an introduction to the two genres and examples of works.

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