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Halloween Props

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Bodies & Body Parts

"I've had this weird feeling around my ear," you might say as you reach back, shrilly yell, and pull away a fake ear pulsating with blood. That, my friend, is a totally acceptable use of one of our numerous bodies and body parts props. We've got all your body parts covered, or rather, uncovered and separated from your body. Check out the various arms we have, fitting both left and right sides. A severed foot is always a good conversation starter, especially if you can make people doubt its validity. Severed heads are a popular addition, too, especially the full costumes that make it seem like your head is cleanly cut off. Leatherface would be proud.

  • Bloody Severed Hand Meat - Plastic
    Bloody Severed Hand Meat - Plastic
    Our Price : $1.99
  • Surprising Arm Prop
    Surprising Arm Prop
  • Mechanical Crawling Monster Hand
    Mechanical Crawling Monster Hand
  • Dummy with Posable Hands
    Dummy with Posable Hands
  • Severed Foot
    Severed Foot
  • Severed Bloody Leg
    Severed Bloody Leg
  • Severed Bloody Body Parts
    Severed Bloody Body Parts
  • Hanging Bloody Foot
    Hanging Bloody Foot
  • Zombie Head
    Zombie Head
  • Color Changing Zombie Hand
    Color Changing Zombie Hand
  • John Doe Animated Prop
    John Doe Animated Prop
  • Wicked Witch of the East Legs Prop
    Wicked Witch of the East Legs Prop
  • Sale Body Parts Sign Decoration
    Sale Body Parts Sign Decoration
  • Severed Witch Arm Prop
    Severed Witch Arm Prop
  • Burnt Hand Prop
    Burnt Hand Prop
123   View All

Of course, body parts aren't the only portion of our selection, either. We have full corpses. One funny one even shows a dead guy undergoing a bowel movement! Of course, it's not all fun and games when one of the props is an unsettling demon baby. Get your bones, latex heads, and pulsating monstrosities together with our wide assembly of gross-out props. These are all perfect for faking people out or just making them a little uneasy around the Halloween season.

Hold up a beating heart and get ready for a great time with these excellent fake body parts and dead bodies.