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Halloween Props

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Coffin Props

What's the best way to obscure a corpse? Throw it in one of our casket props. What's a good way to scare your friends? Have said fake body emerge from the coffin using one of our spring-loaded caskets. We have all the varieties of coffins you could possibly want for your Halloween or otherwise accessory needs. There's your classic wooden box, plain and drab but just a wee bit frightening. You can have a luxury box, with lined insides just perfect for when you want your fake corpse to lie down in comfort.

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You can always go off the Egyptian deep end with a sarcophagus, though, as we have a huge assortment of sarcophagi that will make your living room look like a veritable pyramid as your lay down a gaggle of pharaohs. Try out a body bag if you don't want to have something solid to contain your fake body. All of these are perfect if you're looking to spook up your store, office, or home with high-quality coffins for Halloween or any other time of the year. These are great for practical jokes and whatever else you can muster.

These coffin props are a foolproof and easy way to add a little uneasy scary fun to your regular old parties.