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Full Size Props

Looking for a great full size prop for your Halloween spread? Then look no further than our outrageous collection containing everything from inflatable headless horsemen to creep gray aliens. These life-size pieces are generally quite realistic and are something you would love to have be on your front lawn or right on your front porch. They can even be great statues to make your office or work something with personality. How much better would your workday be if a giant fiberglass Batman sit in the front lobby? It'd be awesome, right?

We have all your classic horror creatures taken care of, ranging from Jason Voorhees to Freddy Krueger and everything in between. Get a giant ghost, skeleton, or skeleton ghost to ward off all intruders. We have got mummies, clowns, and vampires all ready to stand up in your den to watch any degree of scary movies with you. Oh the horror!

With our excellent selection of full size props, you will have an army of life-sized creatures and monsters to litter your life.