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Halloween Props

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Gargoyle Props

Approach a castle on a dark night, and you'll expect to see the face of a grotesque figure looming overhead. Create the same eerie effect for your guests by using our gargoyle props at your Halloween party. These small sculptures have a way of bringing dread and apprehension to all who pass by and are ideal for any horror themed celebration.

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Gargoyles are small sculptures that adorn the top of stone buildings like castles and churches. Their main purpose is to drain water off of these structures when it rains, but they were given another purpose by the Medieval church. The church formed these sculptures into images of monstrous creatures to strike fear in the hearts of the people. By showing demon creatures with horns, claws, and evil faces, churches hoped to remind people of the terrors of hell and scare them into repenting.

It's these frightful Medieval versions of the beasts that are often associated with Halloween. And the church's intentions to make these creatures look like demented, evil beasts from hell certainly makes them perfect for this holiday. We've designed our gargoyle Halloween props to live up to their terrifying reputations. Set these props up around your haunted house or costume party, and let these winged creatures with demonic faces be that ever constant presence of horror. Your friends will leave the party with that unsettling feeling that they're being watched after spending a whole evening with devilish eyes on them.

Throw a scary fun bash this October with none other than our gargoyle horror props and decorations, and take a look at our horror costumes while you're at it!

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