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Halloween Lights

The first thing I notice when I go to a new restaurant, or a themed place, is the lighting. It makes sense, lights catch your eyes, and it is easy to admire when there is an original set up. And that's what we have with our decorative Halloween Lights, originality. You can dim the lights in your house to generate a scary mood, this Halloween, but if you are throwing a party then you better come harder and more creative than that. Search through our selection of accessories for a style of lighting that will really accentuate the rest of the horrifying décor in your house.

  • 6 Inch Glow Stick
    6 Inch Glow Stick
    Reg: $1.99
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Why put out normal candles when you can put out blood stained candles? It's little details like these that make all the difference at a good horror house. From old school pumpkin flashlights to ghost lighting, and more, there might be something here that will illuminate the fear all around you. Attract all the ghouls to come play in your freakishly lit yard. If you want people to see the props that you used to turn your lawn into a killer's fantasy, or an undead cemetery, then you need to make sure it is surrounded by luminosity, but don't take away from it by using normal porch lights.

Buy something from our Halloween lighting accessory section, and that hanging skeleton you have will be well lit, and will haunt your little neighbor's nightmares.