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Halloween Props

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Horror Props

If you are looking for something to take your Halloween party into the terrifying stratosphere, then look no further than our vast collection of horror props. These thrilling accessories are fantastic at setting a grisly mood, as you can lay out decrepit body parts, demonic babies, and more across your party floor, or even just around the house if you like having things be more scary than usual. If you want a zombie or an evil pumpkin, we've got you covered. It will all be a scream, like one you've never ever fathomed before.

  • The Exorcist Regan Head Platter
    The Exorcist Regan Head Platter
    Below Cost Price: $52.91
    Reg: $79.99
  • 72" Shaking Cocoon Hanging Prop
    72" Shaking Cocoon Hanging Prop
    Price Reduction: $24.92
    Reg: $55.99
  • Pennywise Mini Hanger Prop
    Pennywise Mini Hanger Prop
  • Bloody Sickle
    Bloody Sickle
  • Killer Garden Gnome
    Killer Garden Gnome
    Below Cost Price: $6.91
    Reg: $12.99
  • Wolfboy Zombaby Prop
    Wolfboy Zombaby Prop
  • Hemoglobin Zombaby Prop
    Hemoglobin Zombaby Prop
    Below Cost Price: $16.91
    Reg: $127.99
  • Zombie Rabbit Prop
    Zombie Rabbit Prop
    Below Cost : $29.99
  • Freddy Krueger Lawn Gnome Prop
    Freddy Krueger Lawn Gnome Prop
  • Silver Skull Fence
    Silver Skull Fence
  • Hanging Glo Reaper Prop
    Hanging Glo Reaper Prop
  • Bloody Bonesaw Prop
    Bloody Bonesaw Prop
  • Hooked Clown Head
    Hooked Clown Head
  • Mini Pumpkin Hanger Prop
    Mini Pumpkin Hanger Prop
  • Bloody Scissors Prop
    Bloody Scissors Prop
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Our assortment of horror props are of a slightly different breed than what you might be used to. They're chillingly morbid and deathly gruesome. After all, Halloween is meant to be a dark holiday, and the only one to survive through such a scary time is to embrace it. Our grim group of accoutrements is the perfect way to spread jeers. The best use for these props would be for decorating your home and yard for fright night or for a spooky party. We also highly recommend them for adding horror to haunted houses, haunted hayrides, corn mazes and anywhere you want the fright factor of Halloween.

With our array or horror props, you will have the scariest scene this side of Elm Street.