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Halloween Props

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Optical Illusions

It is always nice to add some class to your Halloween party, and our array of optical illusions can do just that. Imagine, if you will, you have a painting up on the wall. As a matter of fact, it's the Mona Lisa, as lovingly illustrated by the famed Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci. Now picture as your guests ogle this masterpiece, and then are chilled to the bone as the woman's face turns upwards and becomes demonic. That is what you can expect from our various optical illusions.

  • UnLiving Portraits Effects DVD
    UnLiving Portraits Effects DVD
    Below Cost: $34.91
    Reg: $72.74
  • Blood Walls Video and Audio Effects
    Blood Walls Video and Audio Effects
    Below Cost : $32.91
  • Zombie Invasion! DVD
    Zombie Invasion! DVD
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We have tons of those frightening variations of art classics, and we also have more than that. Maybe it's something that calls to mind The Exorcist, or it's something that just looks like a portrait of an old relative and then turns villainous when seen in the correct light. These popular artifacts can be used to trick your friends, foes, and spooks during the dire Halloween times. Use a funhouse mirror to mess with your guests, or just show off a married couple that has depressing secret.

With our optical illusions, you'll always stay one step ahead of the fun as you lead it along a tricky path.