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Halloween Props

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Scary Clown Props

Clowns are typically a funny and joyful part of a circus-going experience. Perhaps that is why it is so creepy when they become corrupted as with our scary clown props. Our selection ranges from classic movie villains to eerie animated figures. Creep out your Halloween guests with our demonic jester decorations.

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All it really takes to turn a happy harlequin into a horrifying one is to change the mask or face paint design and to add some tears to the clothing. Most spooky jester wear dark colors or disheveled layers rather than bright outfits. Yellowed teeth and a sinister grin can make for some very scary faces. A zombie clown figure can stand at your door to greet trick-or-treaters and party guests. An animated statue will do even more to freak out your visitors! Full-size figures can also stand watch over the food table at your Halloween party to add to a haunted carnival theme event.

Some of our creepy jester props do more than just stand around. Pick out a joker that acts as a fog machine or cackles when guests approach for a truly impressive addition to your ghostly circus decorations. Outdoor items can add the fun to your front lawn. Often, trick-or-treaters do not get to come inside your home, so dressing up your front porch and yard are important. Zombie circus freaks can look like they are bursting from the grave or a small clown doll can be perched next to your candy dish to scare your guests.

Freak out your friends with our scary clown decorations and Halloween props.